Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We know that purchasing a second-hand vehicle is an important choice and you may have many queries. We have put together a list of questions people ask us often to assist you in the beginning. Should the information you seek not be available on this page, contact us.


Answers to common questions about our dealership, cars we sell, warranties, and vehicle history.
Process of purchasing a used car, including test drives, reservations, and trade-ins.
Financing options, payment methods, and fees for purchasing a used car.
Vehicle inspections, maintenance plans, warranties, and post-purchase support.
Trade-in process, getting a quote for your current vehicle, and its value factors
Tips for choosing the perfect used car from our inventory.

General Information

We offer a wide variety of pre-owned vehicles to fit your lifestyle and budget. Whether you need a reliable family car for everyday errands or a spacious SUV for weekend adventures, we have something for everyone. Our inventory features a range of popular makes and models, ensuring you can find the perfect balance of features, price, and performance. Click here to see the list of used cars for sale!

We offer various warranty options through National Warranty Company for your peace of mind. These warranties cover mechanical failures (including wear and tear) and boast a nationwide repair network, hassle-free claims, and direct repairer payments. Speak to our sales team for details and choose the best fit for your car!

Yes, we accept trade-ins for your existing vehicle. Alpha Autos Brisbane offers a fair market price for your trade-in, which can be applied to reduce the cost of purchasing a new vehicle. Contact us for more information.

Alpha Autos is open weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm for your convenience.

Buying A Car

Absolutely! We encourage you to test drive any car you’re interested in. Contact us and book your test drive now!

Our sales team will guide you through the purchase process step by step. We assist in finding the right car that fits your needs and budget, ensuring you understand all documents before signing.

A lot of the good second-hand cars we have can be part of our subscription plan. Just choose a car and get in touch with us to check out our subscription plans.

Absolutely! The search filters we offer are simple to use and help you find what you need from our selection by sorting through car brand, type, when it was made, the characteristics of the vehicle, how much it costs, and its design. You can look for your ideal car without leaving your sofa. Click here to see the list of our used cars for sale!

Buying a second-hand car from Alpha Autos has several advantages. Here are just a few: 

  • Wide selection of high-quality used cars  
  • Competitive prices and financing options  
  • Encouragement of pre-purchase inspections  
  • Hassle-free buying process  
  • Extended warranty options  
  • Excellent customer service and reputation  

We promise to give our customers a good and relaxed experience when buying a car. Come to Alpha Autos today to choose the ideal second-hand vehicle for yourself. 

Vehicle Selection

We provide a comprehensive report of the car’s history for each vehicle we sell, including information about accidents, repairs, and previous ownership.
  • Your needs and lifestyle (passengers, cargo space, driving environment)
  • Budget (purchase price, fuel efficiency, insurance, maintenance)
  • Desired features (fuel efficiency, safety tech, comfort, entertainment)
  • New vs. Used (warranty, depreciation, maintenance costs)
Check for body damage, rust, mismatched paint, leaks, and uneven tire wear. Test drive the car and pay attention to handling, braking, and acceleration.

Car Financing

Yes, we collaborated with Intrinsic Finance to offer flexible payment options that suit various budget situations and needs.

Yes, we exclusively partner with Intrinsic Finance to offer flexible financing solutions tailored to various financial needs and circumstances.

Maintenance & Ownership

Yes, every car in our inventory is carefully inspected before being listed for sale to ensure quality and reliability.
Yes, all vehicles at Alpha Autos come with a guaranteed clear title.
Yes, all vehicles at Alpha Autos have a current Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) completed.


Yes, we accept trade-ins. We are proud to offer one on one personalised service. Contact us directly to orgnise with us your vehicle valuation meeting, and our team will provide a competitive trade-in offer. Call +61 73667 9538

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