Alpha Autos Warranty: Total Peace of Mind with
National Warranty Company

In partnership with National Warranty Company, a trusted leader in car warranties, we provide comprehensive coverage to keep you on the road nationwide.

Experience the National Warranty Company Difference:

Hassle-Free Claims

Our process for claims is simple, making it very easy to file them. There’s no need for a lot of paperwork; instead, you’ll find the resolutions are fast and done without trouble

Nationwide Repair Coverage

Wherever your vehicle stops working, our large network of certified repair shops will make sure you receive quick assistance.

Complete Protection

Our coverage extends to mechanical breakdowns, encompassing wear and tear across numerous parts.

Peace of Mind On The Go

If your vehicle stops working while you are far away from home, we provide support with places to stay in emergencies and budget for renting another car.

Simple Claims Process

Our claims procedure is easy: no need for complex paperwork. We ensure a fast process to have your vehicle running again soon.

Australia-Wide Network

Across the whole of Australia, there is a large network of repairers we approve, so you are always close to expert help.

Transferable Warranties

National Warranty Company can be transferred, which increases the value of your car when you decide to sell it.

Reduced Out-of-Pocket Expenses

We cooperate with repair services to lower the money you spend from your own pocket, which helps save your finances.

National Warranty Company

We cooperate with repair services to lower the money you spend from your own pocket, which helps save your finances.
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Here's a quick guide to plan options:

(Refer to the full warranty contract for full details and exclusions)

Plan Vehicle Age & Mileage Limits Maximum Claim Payout
A Up to 12 years old, less than 180,000km (about 111846.81 mi) Up to $5,000 per claim
B Up to 8 years old, less than 120,000km (about 74564.54 mi) Up to $8,000 per claim
C Up to 5 years old, less than 100,000km (about 62137.12 mi) Up to Market Value of the Vehicle

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Car Finance Available

The partnership we have with Intrinsic Finance makes it possible for us to provide you with an excellent car financing service, which helps you get your dream car more quickly.
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