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Introducing Intrinsic Finance: Your Partner on the Road to Car Ownership

Intrinsic Finance is a leading provider of car finance solutions, dedicated to making car ownership a reality for everyone. They know how important it is to have dependable transport and they work hard to give good prices and adaptable conditions. 


The partnership we have with Intrinsic Finance makes it possible for us to provide you with an excellent car financing service, which helps you get your dream car more quickly.

Here's How It Works in 3 Easy Steps:

As Brisbane’s trusted used car dealership, we’re not just selling cars but providing an unbeatable car-buying journey by matching personal needs with the perfect vehicle to address them. 

1. Get Pre-Approved in Minutes:

See if you can get a loan by using our fast and simple online tool for pre-approval. Find out what interest rate we could offer you in less than 5 minutes, with no commitment required.

2. Talk to Our Financing Experts:

Our warm and informed team will lead you through the whole procedure, responding to your inquiries and making certain that you comprehend each stage.

3. Drive Away Happy:

After your car loan is approved, sending your documents becomes very easy. We will manage the papers quickly and ensure you get the loan money fast. It’s time to celebrate your new car!

Why Choose Alpha Autos for Vehicle Financing?

Alpha Autos in partnership with Intrinsic Finance is committed to making your car ownership dreams a reality:

  • From Dreams to Driveways: We think all people should have the happiness of owning a car in Brisbane. We make the finance steps easier, so your dream of a vehicle comes true.
  • Quick and Simple Pre-Approval: You can get pre-approval on the internet in less than five minutes with an interest rate that is personalised for you.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: We offer fair and reasonable rates, putting your financial needs first.
  • Customised Solutions: Our knowledgeable team collaborates with you to identify the ideal finance choice that suits your budget and requirements.
  • Seamless Process: Our online paperless system simplifies the process of applying for car finance. It’s easy without lots of paperwork, and it is a smooth and safe experience.
  • Professional Advice: Our approachable finance experts are available to respond to your inquiries and assist you at each stage of the procedure.

Loan Calculator

Loan Amount

Years to Pay

Interest Rate




*These calculators are provided only as general self-help planning tools. Results depend on other factors and are inclusive of admin fee, PPSR, and admin fee.

Monthly Payment

Total Interest:
Total Amount Payable:
Total Years: 5 Years
Interest Rate: 19.95%

Let’s Get Started

Sample Loan Cost Breakdown

Loan Example:

Let’s say you’re considering a Platinum Secured Vehicle Loan for $25,000 to finance a car over 5 years (that’s 60 months about 5 years, by the way). The advertised interest rate is up to 19.95%, it’s important to remember that’s the maximum and yours could be lower depending on your credit score.

So, including the interest and fees, you’d end up paying a total of $42,449 – that’s $25,000 you borrow plus $17,449 in fees.



When you compare different loans, the rates will vary based on how much you borrow and for how long. Things like fees for taking money out early or paying back your loan sooner are not part of this comparison rate. But they can still affect how much the loan costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A car loan is when you get money from a bank, credit union or another place that lends to help pay for buying a car. You take an exact amount of cash for the vehicle and then give back this money plus some extra called interest over time.
How much money you get for a car loan varies based on different things like how much money you make, your credit score, the comparison of your debt to income and how much the car costs that you want to buy. Alpha Autos can give loans between $7,500 and $25,000.
The amount of interest you pay for a car loan change based on your credit score, how long the loan lasts, and who gives you the loan. Usually, people with higher credit scores get to have smaller interest rates.
Alpha Autos, in partnership with Intrinsic Finance, offers loan terms from 3 to 5 years.
Alpha Autos, in partnership with Intrinsic Finance, has your back. We know there are difficulties with credit history, and we strive to discover solutions that work for all.
Contact Alpha Autos for details about any applicable fees.
Our website provides a speedy and simple way to apply online. You have the choice to come see us face-to-face or reach out for a conversation about your choices.
Usually, you will be asked for documents that show how much money you earn, papers that prove who you are, and something to confirm where you live. We will give you a complete list when you apply.
A loan expert at Alpha Autos will look over your application and get in touch with you to talk about what choices you have.
Alpha Autos provides different repayment schedules, such as every week, two weeks or each month. Select the one that suits your financial plan best.
If you do not make a loan payment on time, it might lead to extra charges and possibly harm your credit rating. Should you have trouble paying, get in touch with Alpha Autos Financing right away to talk about what you can do.
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